Mycotoxin binders


Sorbatox is a complex, broad-spectrum mycotoxin binder, intended for use in compound feed for all types of farm animals. Its composition includes natural silicates (E567), dried and inactivated yeast cells The product doesn’t contain genetically modified organisms. Each of the components in the product’s compound eliminates the adverse effect of a certain type of mycotoxin Sorbatox has high affinity for alpha and ochratoxins in the compound feeds.



Multitox is a complex toxin binder. Its formula binds negative toxins, such as: T2 toxins, deoxynivalenol, zearalenone, fungi created such as fusarium species, which develop even in the fresh harvest. By preventing liver damage such as aflatoxicosis and by supporting a better immune system, Multitox helps farmers maintain high productivity of the animals.


Aflatox + is all natural, extremely powerful mycotoxin binder. In its composition the product contains mixtures of silicates, approved for use in EU for animal feeding – Е567, Е559, Е558. Benefits of using the product are: • Removes aflatoxins, produced by molds of Aspergillus (B1, B2, D1, G1, G2, М1) and eliminates the aflotoxins in milk. • Aflatox + does NOT bind vitamins and other nutrients. • Minimizes the estrogenic effects of mycotoxins, produced by fusarium molds. • Supports feed consumption.

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